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We’re so excited that you’re here! Charmed Traveler is a unique place where we have combined both our passions for anything girly, gold and shiny, and of course about travel! This is the ultimate site for budget savvy girls who yearn to travel the globe without breaking the bank, while still looking cute and confident. This is a go-to for backpacker chicks who are tired of reading packing lists and travel tips that shame you for wanting to bring more than just a pair of hiking shoes or even...a curling iron (!!!)  

Have you always wanted to explore Europe or journey to the jungles of Thailand or sail the sparkling seas? How many of these thoughts have crossed your mind, making you push those dreams back into your imagination?

  • I can’t travel because no one else has the time or money to go with me and I can’t go alone
  • I can’t travel because it just seems so freaking expensive
  • I can’t travel because what am I going to wear if I can’t bring my whole closet with me; I definitely can’t travel with just a backpack
  • I can’t travel because planning is overwhelming and I wouldn’t even know where to start

If any of those apply to you, then welcome home, my beautiful friend, to The Charmed Traveler!


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