My Favorite Travel Budget Planning Tool

I stumbled upon Price of Travel last year when I was planning my first backpacking trip and I immediately spent like three hours browsing and bookmarking everything. It’s a super useful resource for estimating your budget as it shows you the cost of travel for major cities around the world.

For example, here’s the information on Budapest, Hungary. You can see the prices for popular attractions in Budapest: 

The cost of transportation:

 And food and drink prices:

You can also see a city’s place on the ‘Backpacker Index’, which is a daily cost total including a dorm bed in a nice hostel, 3 budget meals, 2 public transportation rides, 1 paid attraction, and 3 cheap beers.

Here’s the 2016 Backpacker Index!

Another great thing about Price of Travel are the awesome articles written by Roger Wade, the creator of this awesome site. These articles were invaluable to me when I was first starting to plan and had NO idea what I was doing. Here’s a few examples:

"Is The Rome & Vatican Card a Good Deal?"

"23 Cheapest European Cities and Airports to Fly Into in 2015"

"7 Top Tourist Countries That Are Suddenly Cheaper Due to Currency Fluctuations"

One of the first steps to planning a trip is creating a budget so definitely check out Price of Travel and let me know what you think!