How I Got A Ticket To Europe For Only $218!!

Yes, you read that right! No, your eyes aren’t suddenly failing you. This April, I’m flying to Europe and my one way ticket only cost me $218. Yep. That’s including all taxes and fees and no, it wasn’t a website glitch. How am I getting such a great deal?? Well, I’m flying with Norwegian Air, which was rated Best Low-Cost Carrier in Europe by two years in a row.

Many people have heard of the insane $99 fares from the Icelandic WOW Air, but those prices are only for flights between Boston and Reykjavik or Paris. Norwegian Air, on the other hand, has direct transatlantic flights from Oakland, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. They started offering these flights across the pond in 2014 and their CEO Bjørn Kjos recently said that $69 fares between Europe and the US are in the near future (!!!).

The first thing I did when I went on the Norwegian Air website to have access to even cheaper flights was switch the displayed currency from US Dollars to Euros, a trick you can read about here! After that, the way I searched for my ticket was by using their LowFare Calendar feature; this allows you to see all the flights and their prices for the month that you select. You’re more likely to get a cheaper fare if you’re flexible with your dates.

Once you select your date, you are given several different fare types to choose from. Here’s a chart detailing the different features of each fare level.

If you really want to save the most money and are 100% set in your travel dates, your best bet is choosing the LowFare price. You don’t get a meal included but most airplane meals are subpar and you could easily bring tons of cheap snacks from home. You also don’t get to check in a bag but you do get one free carry on bag and a personal item. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking to yourself that there’s no way you could travel with just a carry on but you would be surprised just what you can fit in one of those bags!

If you decide to fly with Norwegian Air (and I really recommend you do!), I recommend flying into either Oslo or Stockholm, as those are their biggest hubs in Europe. From there, it’s less than 50 euros to get almost anywhere in mainland Europe! Think about how much more you could spend on wine in Italy or chocolates in Switzerland with all that you’re saving from spending less on airfare.

Let me know what crazy deals you find on their site and maybe even take a leap and book a ticket for that dream trip of yours!