Our Story

We're Erin and Nathalie and we're the brains behind this whole crazy dream of ours! We both grew up in Davis, CA aka Cow Town and met in junior high school. We discovered our mutual love of Sephora and Abercrombie (yay 2000's) in geography class and our friendship grew from there. Fast forward a few years, where we were both feeling unfulfilled after graduating from university and neither of us knowing what direction we wanted to go with our lives. After both of us having our own respective personal discoveries (which you can read about below), we decided to bring together our passions and create Charmed Traveler!

Nathalie, Writer 

Hi! I’m Nathalie (pronounced like Natalie!) and I am the author behind all the travel tips and tricks! I went on my first solo backpacking trip the summer of 2015 and, as cliche as it sounds, I learned SO much about myself. I felt so empowered and my confidence grew by leaps and bounds and I yearned to continue to explore our beautiful planet. I also realized how much I love to geek out and research flight prices, scour the web for travel tips, and pin on my travel inspiration board! I’m still learning everything as I go but I want to share all of this with YOU, my new awesome friend, because nothing would make me happier than inspiring women (and men too!) to discover that they have the means and abilities to make their travel dreams come true. I also help design the jewelry but Erin is the real mastermind behind all that! ;)

Erin, Jewelry Design

Hello! I’m Erin and I’m the creator of the jewelry, or the mastermind as Nathalie so kindly named me! I started making jewelry as a hobby back in the summer of 2013 and then started selling on Etsy. My business quickly grew and so did my passion for designing. I realized I could actually pursue my dream of being able to express my creative mind every day! My focus is on creating delicate and simple designs using high quality materials at an affordable cost. Last year Nathalie and I had an idea to create a jewelry line designed for chicks who love to travel and explore. We decided to combine all of our ideas into what became this, Charmed Traveler (get the name?). I hope you enjoy the pieces, which can you check out here!